* These are sample menus reflective of the season. Our menus change daily.


Please kindly note: 

If you select to partake of the Chef's Seven Course Tasting Menu, we ask that the entire table enjoy the same menu.


Timing of the Tasting Menu:

Kindly be aware this is a multi-course dinner of tasting portions. The pace is meant to be leisurely so we ask that you kindly plan accordingly for limousines and babysitters. Parties of 2 can expect 2.5 - 3 hours of dining time. Parties of 4-6, expect 3.5 - 4 hours.


About the menu:

How you choose to eat affects the whole food system. Our menu reflects the Virginia growing season and features the best hand-fed, farm-raised, organically grown bounty that our region has to offer. We support humane, sustainable and responsible farming practices for the simple fact: local food, raised and produced by people who care, is better.


Vegetarian and Vegan 

While we do not reflect specific vegetarian/vegan menus and we are not a vegetarian restaurant, we do our best to accommodate our guests. We can create a vegetarian dish using the local organic ingredients we currently have in our kitchen. Upon making your reservation please inform the reservationist. If you are vegan, one day prior to your reservation, please call the reservationist to inform them so the kitchen may plan according and prepare for the vegan menu.